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Sport Snap wristband

Sport Snap wristband

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Made of a patented polymer material designed to stretch and snap, the Sport Snap band uses proven psychological technique to keep your head in the game by assisting athletes to overcome loss of focus, nerves, bad athletic habits and many other issues. The best athletes aren't the ones with the most muscle, they are the ones with the best mental game. Train your brain with the Sport Snap band! Check out the science behind it tab for more info. Each wristband comes with the wording (SNAP-OUT-OF-IT), and an instruction card.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matthew D
Good product

Seems to be decent. Look and feel are good. Unfortunately it snapped after a week. Luckily bought a couple so hopefully the other one lasts longer.

Nancy B

I love these bracelets! The snap is just enough to keep me focused! They fit perfectly! I have very small wrists (I take size 5 in bracelets!) the sm/md, I was a little concerned about because the size is 7 which is normal for a bracelet (7 1/2)...I wish I could post a pic of exactly how perfect they fit my wrist!!! If you’re on the fence about purchasing these, get them! I don’t see how others are saying the snap isn’t enough, mine snap good enough to focus me!!

Works well

I use mine for golf. I can get very frustrated, but a quick snap of the band (instead of my club shaft) really helps get my head quickly back in it. More durable than rubber bands, and bigger so they don't cut off my circulation, but still elastic enough to give a good snap. Not too loose either so it doesn't distract from my swing. Just the product I was looking for.

Victoria Watts

As a beach volleyball player it's very easy to lose focus or motivation when training or in the game. I use the SportSnap wristband to keep my head in check. The technique really works and I have become a stronger athlete!