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How to Change with Huna Wristbands

-Featuring Life Coach David Essel-


For the full definitions of the principles of HUNA click here. For more information on the science and psychological technique click here. To see some video reviews, scroll to the bottom of the page.



So awesome to be associated with your company! I love your product, my clients are in love with your product, the results will continue to be astounding… Thank you for having the foresight of creating something so powerful and useful as we attack our challenges in life to become more successful… Millions of people benefit from your product, and we will make sure millions more hear about it… Have an awesome day! David

Psychologist, David Essel

This is perhaps the most useful but simple mental reinforcement device i've ever seen. Just a snap or two of the band and you can help rid yourself of negative thoughts, gain control of some not so healthy eating habits, etc. Huna Wristbands come in some hip colors and styles so you can pick whatever suits your mood/style. Thanks

Amelia Callahan

Huna Wristbands keep me focused while in the gym. It's easy to think about other things and get off track at the gym but with Huna bands i can snap out of it and keep my mind on working out staying motivated. The mind is a powerful tool and we can accomplish so much more when we cut out bad habits or distractions!

Joshua Bodkin

Ive been using these to stop my bad habit of Texting and driving. Helps so much to have it on your wrist as a constant reminder.

Drew Vanzwieten

I had been struggling with Anxiety for about a year when i discovered Huna Wristbands. The science behind it really works and since, I have been able to take control of my anxiety and get back to living life. I haven't felt this good in a while.

Tyler Baruch

Huna Wristbands are really helpful at work. I use them to keep myself off of social media and to keep from losing focus when I need to be completing something. There's a lot more time in the day once use the bands to keep from getting distracted! And i love my pink one <3

TJ Jurko

Conditions me to drop my negative thoughts! Ever since ive been snapping my Huna Wristbands ive noticed how my daily attitude has changed for the better just by realizing and stopping negative thoughts or unwanted actions. Love it! :)

Angie Gomez

Ever since I've incorporated huna wristbands into m life, everything has changed for the better.

Chase Baruch